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15/01/2021 Views: 1372
You are wondering which company to choose to organize your sporting event? Let’s Event Crew helps you organize successful sporting events.
08/01/2021 Views: 1627
Organizing a workshop requires going through many delicate items of preparation and implementation in order for the workshop to run smoothly. Thus, let’s check out how to organize professional workshops.
31/12/2020 Views: 1143
Event Crew is known as a unit with many years of experience in the field of events. Event Crew specializes in stage design and construction for events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
23/12/2020 Views: 1040
In any event, the performance is always a very important part to bring excitement to the events. Event Crew specializes in providing dance crews for events in Hanoi. Let’s check it out.
10/12/2020 Views: 1167
Emphasis on consumer curiosity and suitable for all purposes and products. However, please note 5 steps for organizing an effective roadshow in the Event Crew’s article below.
01/12/2020 Views: 1505
An attractive tea break banquet will leave a good impression on the attendees and guests. To have more information about this type of service, let’s check out the tea break service for events and conferences in Hanoi with Event Crew through this post. 
23/11/2020 Views: 878
The position of the receptionist in conferences or workshops is extremely important. Events Crew confidently provides receptionists for conferences. Let’s check out through this post.
17/11/2020 Views: 846
Events must be advertised and spread to customers. To do this, let’s check out why do you need to hire a professional event agency for your events through Event Crew post.
09/11/2020 Views: 7879
The MC plays a pivotal role in the success of the whole event. Let’s discover the A-Z of the Year-end party script for emcees through Event Crew’s article. 
05/11/2020 Views: 923
If you are planning to hire influencers to your events but don't know how to contact them and don't know the cost, do not ignore the article where to hire influencers for events in Vietnam.
03/11/2020 Views: 1053
The videographer team must certainly be the factors that fully converge skills, knowledge, and professional videography experience. Let check out live event videography: What you should know?
29/10/2020 Views: 1029
Being an event executive is quite hard and it takes certain skills and qualifications. Let’s check out the required skills of an event executive and where to hire professional event executives.
27/10/2020 Views: 851
Not everyone really understands what is an event executive? Where to hire dedicated event executives? Let’s check out with Event Crew through this post.
21/10/2020 Views: 961
The event industry is also a service industry, so personnel is an important factor determining the success of the event. Here are some event staffing positions in an event.
14/10/2020 Views: 921
The important role of the event supervisor directly contributes to the success of an event. Let’s check out where to hire event supervisors for groundbreaking ceremonies in Ho Chi Minh City. 
12/10/2020 Views: 922
Understand the demand of staff for the opening ceremony, Event Crew provides event staff for the grand opening ceremony. Let’s check it out through this post. 
07/10/2020 Views: 983
Staff seems to be the key factor. Event Crew provides professional technical staff for conferences. Let’s check out through this post.
05/10/2020 Views: 905
Videography is the method of marketing and communication for the events. Let’s discover why do you need to hire professional videographers from Event Crew though this article. 
30/09/2020 Views: 1103
Entertainment becomes an important part of each event. Let’s check out where to hire professional dancers, dance troupes in Vietnam for your event. 
28/09/2020 Views: 2581
Regardless of a show or an event, there must be an MC. The following article of Event Crew will introduce to you the emcee requirements and where to hire qualified emcees. 
23/09/2020 Views: 1057
Some staffing positions will still need to hire from the event agencies. Let’s check out the important roles of event staff and where to hire event staff when organizing events in Vietnam with Event Crew. 
21/09/2020 Views: 1104
With many years of experience, the unique lion performance is attractive and excited, bringing you a special spectacular performance. Let’s check out where to hire a professional lion dance team in Hanoi. 
16/09/2020 Views: 1129
You are in need of a professional PG-PB-receptionist provider. Let’s Event Crew introduce to you the hiring promotional models (PG/PB) and receptionist service. 
14/09/2020 Views: 1053
In this post, Event Crew will introduce to you some types of videography and where to hire videographers for events and conferences in Hanoi. 
09/09/2020 Views: 1218
A qualified technician team contributes a lot to the success of an event in general and a conference in particular. Let’s Event Crew introduce you where to hire professional event technicians for conferences in Hanoi.
04/09/2020 Views: 964
We always use the creative knowledge and experience to produce a dynamic and outstanding product launch capturing audience attention and leaving a memorable impression. If you want to hire an event crew for the product launch in Vietnam, read this post to have more details.
31/08/2020 Views: 988
A good event organizer should be a meticulous, attentive person to every detail. That is the expression of professionalism. In this post, Event Crew will introduce you 9 essential skills of event managers.