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28/08/2020 Views: 344
Besides the equipment, the key to the success of a virtual event comes from the dedicated operating team, understanding, and thorough customer expectation. Let’s discover with Event Crew about event staffing for virtual events.
21/08/2020 Views: 379
If your goal is to become a professional event manager, you may need to spend time as an event helper as a way to learn many facets of event planning. Thus, let’s Event Crew show you 12 essential event helper roles at an event.
14/08/2020 Views: 335
Hiring a photographer is necessary, however, how many photographers do you need for your wedding? Let’s check it out with the  Event Crew.
13/08/2020 Views: 339
Different people have different opinions about what is called the desired job. Each job has its own features and requires specific skills. If you love to become a photographer, you need to know about the photographer job description.
13/08/2020 Views: 361
Festival stage crew jobs need people who are energetic, hard working, motivated and friendly. If you are looking for a job or you need to hire stage crew staff for your event, let Event Crew help you!
13/08/2020 Views: 325
In order for your business to thrive and expand, for effective business plans and strategies, you cannot ignore local events, festivals, trade promotions and international organizations.
13/08/2020 Views: 336
Photographing is not only a hobby but also a career for many people nowadays. Depending on your own demands, you can become an amateur photographer for your family or even a professional one for big events, festivals and organizations. In this article, we will display more about this job in terms of the meaning, the main responsibilities, the requirements and so on.
12/08/2020 Views: 364
In an event, choosing a good photographer ensures that your precious moments are perfectly captured. So, what is the importance of event photographers and what skills they need to learn? 
12/08/2020 Views: 564
Read the following article in answer to the question "What is director of photography meaning?"
12/08/2020 Views: 428
How do you shoot professional and perfect event videos? Read EventCrew's article below to discover the most useful event videography tips right now.
12/08/2020 Views: 280
To record important moments of the event of organizations, businesses or individuals, you need activities such as filming, event photography. Activities to store and promote the image of the business widely and quickly, helping customers to access information of the business. Through that, your company can create effective marketing effects, build brand image.
12/08/2020 Views: 303
Production manager event is currently a job that gets a lot of attention when people learn from people in the event profession. However, not everyone has an overview and understand all about this industry.
12/08/2020 Views: 434
Event helper jobs is one of the indispensable activities at every event, it will make the event perfect and go smoother. What does event helper jobs need?
11/08/2020 Views: 497
Event security is always the most important thing in every event, it ensures the safety of the event and goes well. Therefore, hiring a good event  security company is very important
11/08/2020 Views: 301
To be able to successfully organize an event, there are many factors including organizational planning, support personnel, especially stagehand work. So what is stagehand work? How to do it well?
11/08/2020 Views: 655
Stagehand is a very popular job in the event industries.  However, many people still do not know what a stagehand is. This article will answer the question for you.
11/08/2020 Views: 288
In organizing technical management events is a very important job because this modern era modern technology increasingly plays an important role, technology is increasingly advanced. So what is technical manager job description?
11/08/2020 Views: 296
In order for you to have a quality video, it is important to have videographer skills. So how to get good and effective videographer skills?
11/08/2020 Views: 364
You are planning to take wedding photos in Vietnam. You do not know how much the wedding photography costs in Vietnam?  Please refer to this article to have a suitable chosen.
10/08/2020 Views: 246
How to choose a photographer for hire that is suitable for you? Let's check out EventCrew's post below now.
10/08/2020 Views: 330
Today, the weddings taking place have been indispensable Wedding emcees. Actually Wedding emcees is "the main character" is the soul of the wedding. So what are the roles of the Wedding emcees in the wedding? How to hire a good Wedding emcees?
10/08/2020 Views: 289
Maybe you already know about event management supervisor job, or maybe not. Anyway, if you are interested in event management supervisor, you should not skip the following article.
10/08/2020 Views: 618
Most service industries rely more than 90% on the human element. The event management industry is also a service industry, so personnel is an important determinant of event success. One of the key positions in event management companies is the event supervisor. 
07/08/2020 Views: 635
 If you are looking for a perfect emcee for events, please read the article below
07/08/2020 Views: 262
Behind a successful event is thanks in part to the event supervisor jobs. So who are they, what do they do, how important are they?
07/08/2020 Views: 642
What is the stagehand job? Is the stagehand’s salary high or low? Surely these are questions that many customers are interested in. The following article will answer these questions.
07/08/2020 Views: 260
In order for events and programs to take place smoothly and successfully, security protection is extremely important. What should you keep in mind about event security for hire? And which security event is the best?