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07/08/2020 Views: 448
Events are considered activities that cause great resonance, high level of spread and are an important activity of every company or organization. Communication must always be promoted so filming the event is a must.
06/08/2020 Views: 436
Event Production Manager - Managing production in the event - is a job that need a lot of attention and knowledge from event profession. However, a few people have a detailed view of the Production Manager in event. Who are they and what they do?
05/08/2020 Views: 563
A Director of Photography ( DOP) is considered as the leader of a video production. A Director of Photography must have camera skills, lighting knowledge and ability to work with camera men to create perfect scene of the film
04/08/2020 Views: 783
As a beginner in Event Photographer, before accepting  any projects, you may need to look for some tips that could make your photo a masterpiece. Let's take a look at some photographer tips to make the best version of your photo collection. 
30/07/2020 Views: 494
Your wedding is your big day, you must want to record it to save the memories for future. A wedding videographer is probably someone you must need in your big moment.
27/07/2020 Views: 5109
The success of any venue relies heavily on the quality of the technicians and crew working there. Many of our clients repeatedly come back to Event Crew due to the caliber and professionalism of the technicians we employ
16/07/2020 Views: 755
Teleprompter and confidence monitor are not unfamiliar to the people working in the event industry. How to distinguish the two equipment in terms of construction and usage is not an easy work.
16/07/2020 Views: 457
Incorporating special Stage Effect into your event production is a great way to engage with your guests and give a dramatic effect to your event. Special effects can help set the mood for the event, whether it’s during the day or night. AV Vietnam is a full-service AV company specializing in a large array of special Stage Effects