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Event Production Manager - Indispensable Role in Event Industry

06/08/2020 Views: 334

Event Production Manager - Managing production in the event - is a job that need a lot of attention and knowledge from event profession. However, a few people have a detailed view of the Production Manager in event. Who are they and what they do?

This article will only focus on  Event Production Manager and Their Indispensable Role in event for you. 

1. Event Production Manager -  Indispensable Role in Event Industry

event production manager

The production manager can be considered as an operation manager depending on the roles and job identifiers that are different for each company. In general, they can be seen as a leader in the role of managing links between the company and other suppliers for the event.

2. What are the duties of an event production manager ? 

event production manager

It can be said that production is the initial step of any event execution plans. The event production manager is the one who cooperate with event manager for the planning and running event, the event production managers will contribute to the hardware of an event including : welcome gates, stages, tents, sound and lighting systems, effects, tags, gifts ...

In other words, they will be the one to turn ideas and plans on paper into reality. With this job, production manager will be the main person responsible for products & work performance during the staging stage.

Outsiders often think that production manager do simply manual labor such as porting items or connecting the frame system with screws. True, but not enough! Production supervisors also need to have their own unique qualities.

Before setting up, assembling the frame, sound, and lighting systems on site, they had to go to field, go to meetings between suppliers and calculations to make the final draft regarding to sound amplification, lighting effects, and staging plans.

To ensure timely construction, producers often have to stay up all night to set up. If there are big events, they have to execute continuously for 3-5 consecutive day. Therefore, sometimes the supervisor also needs to be physically fit, this is a very first requirement for the production manager.

3. Opportunities for Event Production Manager in Vietnam

event production manager

Today, the event industry is growing, the requirements for scale as well as professionalism in the organization step have since increased. Production and technical requirements for frame systems, stage, sound and lighting are increasingly difficult. So event production manager is demanding position in any event agency.  

They have manage the risks that may occur at the events in order to find solutions. They are the one who determine the success of any events. 

However, event production managers often have 3-5 years of experience in making events, when they reach the maturity of their profession, they will have deeper thoughts and visions in event planning profession. So if you want to be an event production manager, you have to prepare soon. 

Hopefully this short article will help you better understand the work and origin of the Event Production Manager position as well as the requirements and qualities of the producers during the event. Wanna become a Production Manager for large-scale events? Event Crew will help you. See more of our Crew Service