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Why do you need to hire a professional event agency for your events?

17/11/2020 Views: 470

Every year, businesses have to spend a lot of money to organize events, if there is no proper plan, the company will be wasted human resources and money. Those events must be advertised and spread to customers. To do this, let’s check out why do you need to hire a professional event agency for your events through Event Crew post.

hire a professional event agency

What is an event agency?

'Event agency' is quite similar to the type of 'teambuilding travel company' - with a suitable cost, you can go to all the places you like, visit famous spots on the tour. The concept of 'event agency' has been used in many recent years because it is a professional but cost-effective way of organizing events.

hire a professional event agency

Why do you need to hire a professional event agency for your events?

Do you choose to have a specific department to organize internal events such as company meetings, sales, new product launches, or organizing training, annual travel, or team building for your employees? The company can choose to spend one or more personnel to organize the event. Some businesses, the organization of meetings, reception of partners in combination with resort tourism... is often assigned to HR or marketing department.

People often think that event organization is part of business marketing. However, the big events are not as simple as the theories or 'case studies' as we know them. There are many stages from planning, conceptualization, financial balance, logistics team management,...

Whether the event is big or small scale, it is the face of the company and is infrequent, so the staff in charge also only organizes the event according to the needs of the company. In terms of experience and supplier relationships, unlike professional event agencies, it will create many difficulties when organizing such as:

  • Lack of professional experience
  • There are not many conceptual ideas when organizing events, most of them will follow the path of not being creative.

Thus, there are some reasons that you should hire a professional event agency for your events:

Professional event agencies have much experience in organizing events

  • Knowing the alternatives, the idea of ​​creating a secret gift suitable for the program through experience from the organization.
  • Choose the right venue for the event to successfully promote your brand.
  • A professional event planner will be able to turn your event idea into something your clients will keep in mind for years. The golden key is here and you can only get it from an event agency.

hire a professional event agency

Experienced event agency can estimate your budget

Professional event organizers have deals based on negotiating, and how much you book the event with them. This offer can be equivalent to saving many fees for your business. In addition, many agency event companies have the necessary licenses to purchase event products at a reasonable cost.

Savings can be passed on to their customers. In many cases, the agency organizes events where employees work to take advantage of the expenses to save.

hire a professional event agency

How to choose a professional event agency?

Choose an 'event agency' - the ideal solution for small and medium businesses, because they don't have the time to schedule events by event specialists, they also don't want to risk organizing themselves important events such as customer gratitude party, new year party, product launch, press conference,...

Investigate the cost of an outside agency's service package to organize your company's events will be valuable in terms of time and money. Savings will not only come from supplier discounts, and time savings for your existing employees, but also profits from successful events for the company (press conference, launching good products - attracting more customers for new products, impressive customer gratitude party - customers will feel appreciated and continue to use the company's products/services...)

The event is completed, it is time for you to evaluate the performance of the agency provided by looking at the factors that you require in the contract, is there anything to complain about? For example, the timeline, whether everything is going to be the right way, whether the agency is flexible when handling the situation that arises, the location of the agency is appropriate and diverse, and the agency's relationship (When the event needs press, can the agency invite the desired number of reporters?), will the attendees satisfy... In addition, you can also rate the 'event agency' right from the first meeting is via proposal, consulting method, service contract negotiation, document procedures, assets, and agency policy.

hire a professional event agency

Event Crew is an experienced and professional event agency specializing in event organization and event staffing. If you need consults and support for your coming events, don’t hesitate to contact Event Crew via website chatbox or hotline +