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Types of videography and where to hire videographers for events in Hanoi

14/09/2020 Views: 606

Currently, there are many different types of filming, depending on the large and small scale and every event needs to save impressive and memorable moments to share it on the Website, social networks… Therefore, in this post, Event Crew will introduce to you some types of videography and where to hire videographers for events and conferences in Hanoi. 

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Types of videography for events

Outdoor event videography 

Videography for outdoor events includes music shows, festivals, exhibitions or fairs, gala, events taking place in industrial zones, urban areas, schools,... In the outdoor events, a large-scale, crowded event, or an event on a wide campus, you should use more equipment such as drones, flying cameras, to have a panoramic angle, cover the entire campus from above and observe the whole of the event. When choosing drones for event videography, you should pay attention to the flying permission of this area because some areas will be flying restricted due to private security. 

Indoor event videography

Events in restaurants, hotels, and cafes include conference, product launching workshop, seminar, press conference, meeting, movie release, etc will need indoor event photography service. Indoor events are usually small and medium in size,  not attended by much so it will not need drones. Indoor events are now filmed in the reportage trailer type. 

hire videographers for events in Hanoi

Traditional videography

Traditional videography will record full time of the event content, and be recorded from 2 to 3 cameras or more with boom crane, Dolly, or Steadicam support, depending on each event.

This type of videography is simple but it will be more difficult to promote the event to customers. This type is only used for presentation seminars, lectures, teaching, election conferences, music programs.

Trailer videography 

Video length is only 4 to 5 minutes for 1 event, recording key moments, main content, removing unimportant parts and supported by Gimbal, Steadicam, Dolly, Flycam, creating beautiful, vivid angles that attract viewers.

It’s an easy way to promote event images to customers, businesses because of its light capacity, short duration, easy upload, and view via iPad, smartphone, laptop, tablet ... without spending too much time on the viewer.

This type of videography is suitable for events such as opening, commencement, groundbreaking, sale meeting, entertainment, festival, roadshow…

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Why do you need to hire videographers?

  • The event that was organized with a huge budget will need to record every valuable moment. The budget for videography is just a small number, in the total cost of your company's event organization. So your company, business needs to consider the cost of hiring videographers
  • Because it helps to promote the event, the company's brand to customers through the Internet, social networking sites, website...
  • If the video quality is too bad, not attractive enough, viewers will also be depressed and next through another clip. Thus, it’s important to choose a professional video production team, to bring the best video and quality.

hire videographers for events in Hanoi

Where to hire professional videographers in Hanoi?

Event Crew’s videographers all have been well trained with more than 10 years of experience and specialized in video production. The event Crew videographer team has recorded hundreds of memorable moments for many events and conferences. With modern equipment, experienced cameramen, reasonable cost, we commit to making your company, business satisfied when choosing us. 

hire videographers for events in Hanoi

The bottom line

Besides videographers, Event Crew also provides many crew services such as show & event staff, conference staff, sports crew, trade show & exhibition staff, hospitality & casual staff, and entertainment staff. If you need any support, don’t hesitate to contact us