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Event Crew guide: How to organize professional workshops

08/01/2021 Views: 726

A workshop is a popular event nowadays with many different purposes for the business activities of enterprises. Organizing a workshop requires going through many delicate items of preparation and implementation in order for the workshop to run smoothly. Thus, let’s check out how to organize professional workshops with Event Crew.

How to organize professional workshops

Steps for organizing s professional workshop

Step 1: Determine the topic of the workshop

You need to define a clear and specific topic for the workshop. This will be the basis for building content as well as planning activities taking place in the workshop in the most detailed and effective way.

Step 2: Make a plan to organize the workshop

The workshop plan includes:

  • Purposes and goals of the workshop
  • The main content of the workshop
  • Workshop venue and time
  • Estimated funding for the workshop organization
  • Workshop organizer
  • List of guests
  • The agenda of the workshop

Step 3: Prepare for the workshop

  • Prepare workshop space and ensure adequate equipment
  • Prepare accompanying services such as tea break, meals, rest, shuttle
  • Communication for events
  • Print documents
  • Deliver invitations to the guests

how to organize professional workshops

Step 4: Divide tasks for the personnel

Step 5: Organize the workshop

  • Welcoming conference guests and attendees
  • Workshop coordination happened according to the event scenario

Step 6: End the agenda

  • Giving souvenirs to guests and attendees
  • Record the conference minutes. Notify the conclusion of the workshop

Step 7: Processing workshop information

  • Evaluation of the workshop content
  • Propose organizations and units to attend the seminar on the content of the discussion

Step 8: Evaluate the workshop's effectiveness

Evaluation is based on:

  • The actual number of attendees and customer opinions
  • Results of communication activities

how to organize professional workshops

Notes when organizing workshops

After grasping the workshop organization steps, you can start the preparation and organization stages easily. However, during this process, you need to note the following for the event to be the most successful. 

Prepare the topic of the workshop

One of the most important things when organizing a workshop is to create the main topic and idea for the program. The topic will show the purpose and message of the workshop as well as the basis for the content of the event. The topic of the workshop should be short but still, clearly show the purpose of the program and the benefits that participants can get from participating.

Guest "expert" helps to create trust

During the workshop, experts or professional guests will help create trust and reputation for the workshop. At the same time, this also benefits traditional operations and improves customer conversion rates. You should choose famous guests in the industry. Besides, the organizers also need to make a list of questions with separate scenarios for experts.

how to organize professional workshops

The venue and facilities include conference rooms

Choosing a venue for a workshop is also a task to note in the preparation process. The space at the venue must ensure to meet the workshop size, not too large or too small to avoid affecting the atmosphere. Organizers also need to pay attention to facilities that come with workshop rooms such as screens, stage, sound, and lighting to add the necessary items and estimate the most accurate costs.

Personnel is an essential factor 

In workshops as well as any events, personnel is always the key factor for the success of the workshop. The staff needs to be assigned clear and uniform work assignments to reach the highest work performance. 

Event Crew has a dedicated and professional team always ready to support your workshop. Don’t hesitate to contact Event Crew if you need helps. 

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how to organize professional workshops

Communication for events

For the workshop to be successful, there is indispensable communication activity for the event. The communication time should not be too early as it can reduce the heat of the event and should not be too close to the event date as it will make it difficult to arrange attendees. Communication activities should take place 1-2 weeks before the event and use the right communication channels for the workshop's target audience.

Save attendee information

An important purpose of the workshop is to strengthen relationships with existing clients and find new clients. Getting participant information will help this activity take place most effectively. You might consider choosing one of the forms of getting information such as filling out online forms, signing up for email, or using membership cards.

how to organize professional workshops

The last word

Above are how to organize professional workshops that Event Crew wants to share with you. Hope this information will help you prepare and organize a successful workshop, bringing practical benefits to the business. For further information, please contact Event Crew via website chatbox or hotline +