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9 essential skills of event managers

31/08/2020 Views: 599

If you want to be an event manager, it’s important to know who you are? Ask yourself what skills you have, what is perfected, what skills need to be hone, what skills need to be developed, and ultimately what skills you can support for you in your dreams of becoming an event planner. A good event organizer should be a meticulous, attentive person to every detail. That is the expression of professionalism. In this post, Event Crew will introduce you 9 essential skills of event managers.

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9 essential skills of event managers

Creative ability 

Attendees’ experience from venue selection, design, decoration, script, performing arts repertoire to ideas for conveying the event's content and message, at every part of the event, creativity plays a very important role. 

People perceive that creativity is an inherent ability that can hardly be learned or cultivated from anyone. However, creativity can absolutely be cultivated by observing and noting what happens around you. Therefore, never stop observing and learning to improve your creativeness which is an important skill for event managers.

Scenario writing skill

To write a good event scenario, the writer needs to have a lot of creativity, thinking, and imagination to be able to visualize how the event runs, thereby giving the most practical and unique ideas. In addition, the skill of writing and conveying through letters is also indispensable. No matter how good the idea, how broad the mind and imagination are, if you cannot express the idea, it is useless.

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Proposal writing skills

To be able to write a complete proposal, it is necessary to know the importance, the preparation, and the planning of creating a proposal.

A good and attractive proposal, in addition to the creative and attractive idea, also depends on the reality and the persuasion of the project we want to implement.

It is important to provide the reader proposal for the event with an overview of the upcoming event.

The proposal content must be extremely short, concise, do not gossip, because if the reader is too verbose or will skim through our proposal, or will ignore the key ideas.

The writing style also determines a lot of the professionalism of a proposal. We must know how to express it in words well to convince others, but saying that does not mean writing cumbersome to display text or words.

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Making check-list skills

It can be said that the checklist does not have any stereotypes and we do not have to rely on anyone entirely, but rely on our own working skills. There is a characteristic needed to be able to complete the checklist well for the event, which is meticulous, careful, thoughtful, professional, and a comprehensive view.

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Applying for an organization license and finding a supplier

In order to understand clearly about getting an event license, you need to first understand some of the basic laws. In addition, these skills can be mostly honed through their own experiences and consulting with people who are experienced in working with administrative agencies.

Financial managing skill

Basic budgeting principles: Although each budget takes time to work, there are a few basic principles that need to be followed:

  • Be realistic about the event revenues
  • Always have a backup plan
  • Budget to avoid losses

Supervision and implementation monitoring

Implementation and supervision are the two skills that cover many of the most essential qualities. In order to successfully complete implementation and operational monitoring, it is necessary to: 

  • Communication skill
  • Time management skills
  • A steadfast will
  • Keep calm anytime, anywhere
  • Focus on even the smallest detail

Planning and managing risks

Events cannot avoid mistakes in the execution of the event, but for a professional event, it is very important to manage the risks and prevent them. The more risks are proposed and predicted, the less likely it is that they will affect the progress of the event. 

Working with suppliers

During the process of organizing the event, we will always need to contact and work with many suppliers such as equipment suppliers, staff providers,... In order to be able to work effectively with a supplier, you will need to be able to wisely communicate and negotiate. These skills can only be cultivated through personal experience and consulting with experienced people.

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Hope that piece of information that Event Crew has brought to you can help you orient yourself to prepare to be a good event manager. Event Crew is the company specialize in event staffing and event managing. With the experience, we commit to bring the best service to you. If you have any further questions or need support, don’t hesitate to contact us.